Meet Our Team

Cheryl Loveday

Las Brisas Farm Wedding Planner - Cheryl

Las Brisas Coordinator

Katie Steiner

Las Brisas Farm Wedding Coordinator - Katie

Las Brisas Coordinator

Our Story

Cheryl and Katie - Las Brisas Wedding Coordinators

Friends That Plan

Who do you want by your side on your wedding day? You would probably say your closest friends. That is what we would say too! We love being friends and spending time together so much that we decided to go into business  together! We think that our friendship plays right into making your big day even more fantastic. Cheryl brings the detailed organizational skills and Katie brings the detailed creative skills. Together we make an amazing team! One that will create life long memories for you to enjoy as you are sitting together in your rocking chairs, sipping sweet tea, watching the sunset, and growing old together. 

Katie and Cheryl in Ceremony Site at Las Brisas Farm

What are we about?

We believe creating a day that celebrates a long lasting marriage! While we are all about creating your dream wedding, we are also about remembering that this one day is the beginning of an entire life together. We want to celebrate your love, help you to prepare for a marriage that can navigate the ups and downs, and plan a party that will knock your socks off. We can't wait to show you around Las Brisas and start talking about the most fabulous day that focuses on the future while we celebrate in the present.